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Travis Berger, PhD

Award-Winning Teacher; Leadership Columnist; 
Business Professor; Founder, Vide Consulting Group

Business professor, award-winning teacher, and leadership columnist Dr. Travis Berger specializes in leadership, power, high performers, and strategy.  His research in these areas has been presented at international and national academic conferences, published in academic journals, and drives his consulting practice.  Berger earned his PhD in Administration and Leadership Studies from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he was awarded a doctoral fellowship. He currently serves on the faculty at Alvernia University teaching business and leadership.

Travis is a masterful storyteller, breathing life into theory and research through his unique life experiences.  He is quick to share stories from his brief stint at Quantico, Virginia for Officer Candidates School for the United States Marine Corps, or from his experiences as an All-American soccer player who won a high school state championship and made history winning the first Big Ten Championship for a men’s team at Penn State.  He was an Academic All-American, earned Big Ten First Team honors, and served as captain his senior year. He had aspirations of playing professional soccer in the MLS, but if that did not work out, he wanted to serve his country as a judge advocate in the United States Marine Corps. Both of his dreams were dashed by a devastating injury suffered during a pre-season game his senior year at Penn State.  How he overcame adversity, redefined his career, and emerged as a recognized authority in developing leadership, high performers, and organizations is a powerful story loaded with memorable takeaways, useful tools, and inspiration.

Known for being engaging, personable, and passionate, Travis has established himself as a compelling communicator.  He weaves his personal experiences throughout his talks, making his stories entertaining, takeaways memorable, and material accessible.  Thought-provoking and inspiring, Travis’ insights provide audiences a powerful new way to approach leadership and life.

Travis’s Featured Topics


Leadership for Positive Impact: Let’s Get this Right

Organizational executives are becoming increasingly frustrated with the clutter around the concept of leadership.  As a scholar and practitioner, or a “pracademic”, Travis is uniquely positioned to understand how to cut through the “leadership clutter”, to improve organizational leadership, and to capture the intended value of leadership development initiatives.  Organizations need to create a common language around the concept of leadership. Think about it. Do your colleagues define leadership the same as you? Do you know? Have you ever asked? Does everyone in your organization have the same basic understanding of leadership?  What does leadership development mean? Does everyone have the same understanding? How is leadership development different than management training? Travis’ research provides a common, practical leadership language for organizations to adopt that will translate into long-term superior organizational performance.

Servant Leadership: The Only Power Move You Need

Servant leadership is revolutionizing individual and organizational approaches to leadership.  The impacts are life-changing, the business results are unmistakable! Servant leader companies have averaged remarkable returns, with companies such as SouthWest Airlines, The Container Store, Starbucks, TDIndustries, Synovus Financial, and The ServiceMaster leading the charge.  Their workforces are engaged, retention is high, and high performers are the norm. Travis’ research into servant leadership highlights the value of understanding, approaching, and using power differently. The insights and tools gained from Travis’ research will get your organization motivated to transform your approach to leadership.

Leadership and Ethics: Understanding Power and Influence

Power, influence, and persuasion are foundational to leadership.  Power is not good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative. Power is simply neutral.  Travis challenges people to think differently about power and to appreciate the responsibility that comes with it.  We need to stop thinking about power as a dirty word. High performers need power to positively impact the overall leadership process, so understanding, embracing, and wanting power becomes necessary.  Organizations need to reframe how their people understand and think about power, and Travis’ research and stories will get them there in short order.

Motivation/Inspiration/Peak Performance

Preparing for Life’s Obstacles: Here’s My Story

The stories that need to be shared are the ones about people’s struggles, obstacles, and hurdles.  About how they prepared to meet and overcome them. Because it is not ‘if’ life deals you a bad hand, but ‘when’.  Travis’ story about his injury that derailed two careers, and the continuous professional obstacles he has encountered on his way to becoming a recognized authority in developing organizations and people who deliver the right results, the right way, puts life in proper perspective.  Honest, daring, and motivating. People leave hopeful, inspired, and prepared to confidently embrace life’s next obstacle!

Pursuing Personal Excellence: Reflections from my Journey

Excellence.  A word that has become ubiquitous and has lost its punch.  What is excellence? Personal excellence? What does pursuing personal excellence even mean?  Travis masterfully uses his diverse journey to highlight the guiding principles for pursuing personal excellence.  Learn how these guiding principles allowed him to pursue his personal excellence in athletics, academics, and business. Dynamic and entertaining.  Useful and research-based. You will leave motivated to use the guiding principles to pursue your personal excellence!

The Reviews Are In

“Travis Berger provided a very dynamic and energetic presentation to the greater Pottstown SHRM group. Attendees enjoyed the fact that they could take back things to the office to apply immediately. Travis’s presentation style kept the audience’s attention, provided clear presentation material, and really made people think. We would not hesitate to invite Travis back to speak again!

— Jennifer Martin, President

“This has been a phenomenal experience–listening to Travis talk about leadership has been motivational!”

“Travis’s presentation was great!  Very energetic, interactive, and to the point!”

“Amazing, knowledgeable, and entertaining!”

“Thought provoking presentation!”

“Energetic and engaging!”

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